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WordPress Wishlist

This is my WordPress wishlist:

1) Within Admin, on the Manage Posts page, include a “show posts by category” button. I hate having to actually go to my website to see what I have posted in each category.

2) Categories for Pages. Yes, yes, I’ve read all about how this isn’t how WordPress Pages were intended. But listen, with this little change then WordPress truly becomes a more effective CMS tool. CMS tools make two things easier: keeping content in modules and menus. There is no need for WordPress to modularize. This can be done by creating Pages based on blank templates (or just different templates). Assigning Pages to categories makes one thing easier: menus. The current list_pages function is not powerful enough. Now a list_pages with a category parameter, and I’m good to go. Each section of a website could have it’s own template and its own category and links within that category can be easily listed. Currently I have to setup a seperate link group for each section. Not horrible, but not as easy as it could be.

3) In lieu of categories for Pages, then a menu builder. I would like to build navigational and content menu’s from an easy two column interface. Column on the left would include all pages. Coloumn to the right would be the included pages. The right column would be assigned/governed by a link category. They already have the info in the datebase to do this. This is a plugin idea actually. I don’t have the time, skill or knowledge to do this correctly, but would more than happy to partner with anyone, as a visionary and tester, to get it accomplished. Any one interested?

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