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How to Start a Blog ( Earn Money)

Hi, today topic is how to start a blog. You have two platforms to kind of choose from and that’s blogger and WordPress now. A workplace not the free WordPress but I would suggest the self-hosted WordPress. There’s quite a difference between these two.

I would for anyone just starting out starting a blog. I always suggest a blogger. It was amazing I would probably still be on there. If it was not for another site. I had on WordPress. I kind of found it easier to have both of them on the same platform. But otherwise, blogger has loads of perks obviously. It’s free to sign up it’s very easy to do everything to have all the templates for you all of those things. You just need an email you sign up with them and everything is done for you and there are loads of people.

If you don’t want your name blog You can also buy a domain name and actually integrate that with your blogger. It’s still free but it looks like a hosted site and you can totally design blogger. I think that is a pretty good option to start with now.

You obviously need a lot more skill and HTML the whole layout area’s different. You’ll have to pay to get your site hosted every month with a place like GoDaddy for example. So that might be about ten dollars a month for that obviously. You need to buy your name your domain name for that. It feels to me like it’s a lot more upkeep. There are a lot like loads of awesome things. You can do with WordPress as well you can get these awesome plugins.

Which is really good for search engine ranking and all these things and obviously. You have like total freedom over what you want to do with your site. I actually bought a template for mine templates. So that was awesome to use that anyway.

First off you need to choose between those two platforms now. when you’ve done choosing your platform and you actually want to sign up or get something going. Get a domain name you have to decide on a name, not me the name equals your brand. You’re going to think in that direction I know lots of people just want to start a blog for fun.

But blogs can be businesses too as you have seen with all the big bloggers. I see nothing wrong and making some extra cash or all your cash with your blog. You can do that you’re so lucky. It’s very important not to choose like either a silly name. I can’t even think of examples something. You feel that won’t um stay to time something that’ll just be for that year.

I made that mistake and I chose superficial goals because of my blog. It grew into something totally different. I had everything set up as social goals already. How to Start a Blog I’m stuck with that name now that everyone knows. You choose your name if you’ve chosen your name go register on whatever blogger. WordPress wherever you want your site. Then go and do your social media good Twitter go to get a Facebook page Pinterest YouTube everywhere.

You’re going to choose something really unpopular. It’s going to probably be taken already so try and think about that be really like creative and interesting with your name. Just go register everything because you don’t want to be stuck one day. You want to get a Twitter account soft you thought oh no I’m not going to like – it’s all of a sudden you like it. Your name has been taken by someone else and people are at replying that random person thinking. You so that could be really awkward now the job all of that sorted you can go onto the layout of your blog.

There are loads of places you can get templates for a blog. The blogger has some awesome templates especially the minimal ones. You can go and buy a template these loads of Etsy stores that have beautiful templates these days. They’ve come with feathers and all sorts of things you can have one designed for you. You have the menu for that or you can diaper design yourself obviously on Photoshop or GIMP or on WordPress.

You have a WordPress site went to routines dot-com. I’ve got us off the canvas theme which is fully customizable it cost seventy dollars. It was totally worth if you’re on blogger you can just start out by designing your own header a few buttons on a sidebar. All of that stuff background colors all lots of fun and there are loads of tutorials out there on hard to do all of that now. You’ve done with all your site goodies and it looks fantastic. You kind of need to put content in there because obviously, no one wants to read an empty blog.

There’s nothing to read so then you have to start thinking what you want to put in there obviously. You have thoughtfully did your name. I’m going to be a fashion blogger I’m gonna be a beauty blog or a lifestyle blog that covers everything or food blog. There are so many things to choose from so now you actually need to start how to Start a blog with a content. I have superficial goals which are kind of a lifestyle blog but more towards the fashion side.

I do have food and also things like that as well but mostly. You everything there are recipes there are outfits is shopping there’s beauty all sorts of things Dacor. You need to decide what you want on your blog. How to Start a Blog, It kind of has a theme even lifestyle it still has a theme people know. They can come to your blog for a whole bunch of things. You want to write you can start and that’s such a fun part are you going to do long blog posts. I know loads of people write like really long ones and they’re really well-written.

You’re a good writer if you’re not a good writer maybe do lists of things like 10 things you love doing eating outfits. Many different ways how to write a blog. It doesn’t always have to be full of text. But the text is nice because obviously content is key. Your blog ranked and search engines and you can also decide how personal. You want to be usually I like writing just like a tiny little bit maybe about my day.

You can even take photos of your iPhone or whatever type of phone you have as long as they are clear. If you really want to be serious about blogging. I would suggest getting a nice camera because they do take awesome photos. People love photos obviously they want to put in the photos and share photos. You have a Facebook page they’re going to like the photos or an Instagram. That’s a really good thing to have and if you use other people’s photos. A lot of people do and which is fine as well please remember to credit them. Next one I’m probably going to go a little bit more in detail with things and with SEO and how to monetize your blog and all kinds of things like that. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

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