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Google Nexus 6 smartphone specs, features and release date

Do you like the Fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5S? But you can’t buy it because it’s costly? Don’t worry Google has planned something big for you. Continue reading to find out more. Google Nexus 6 is all set to rule the smartphone market in 2014. Google Nexus 5 has won the heart of many people including me. Currently I am using Google Nexus 5 and my experience till now has been awesome. I am sure like me many other people must be eagerly waiting for Google next smartphone Nexus 6. Google is planning to include many new and exciting features in this smartphone.

Nexus 5 has a design that is similar to LG G2. So it is expected that Nexus 6 will have a design similar to LG G3. It will have a metallic design. Metal these days are in fashion. Almost all smartphone manufacturers are shifting to metallic looks. It will come with 5.5 inches QHD display panel. It will have an amazing display quality that will make the whole smartphone experience just amazing. Obviously it will not have few features like LG G3 because of the price issue. To make Nexus 6 cheaper some functions will be missing. But despite of that it will have a great display.

Many latest smartphones like Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S and HTC one Max comes with fingerprint sensor. This is used to increase the security of the smartphone and to make the unlocking experience easier and convenient. So isn’t this is a great news. Yes, I am sure it is.

For fast speed and performance it is expected to come with Octa core processor. But I personally feel that it will come with quad core processor. Most of the top smartphones have quad core processor and still they are fast. But you never know what Google has to offer to its buyers. Now a day’s smartphones are not only used for making calls, it is also used to play games, music and videos. And people now a days like high speed so next Nexus smartphone might come with 4 GB RAM.

Many Blogs are saying that it will have 20MP camera but I don’t feel so. According to some reliable sources it will have 13 MP front camera and 5 MP front camera. LG G3 will come with laser autofocus. Whether this feature will be present in Nexus 5 is still a mystery.

Announcement of Nexus 6 is expected to be in October 2014. If sources are to be believed then it will be available in market on November 2014.

From the leaked news and rumors, Google Nexus 6 specifications and features looks promising. No official news has been announced but still we are trying to unfold the mystery. Stay tuned for all the latest Google Nexus 6 updates. You can subscribe to our blog or like our Facebook page to know about for all the latest buzz in the smartphone market.

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