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Fable II On Xbox 360

After a huge hype, Fable 2 is finally here. Set in Albion (the most ancient name of Britain apparently)500 years after the original Fable. The game still uses the innovative gameplay of the original Fable, where your choices all have consequences.

In Fable 2 however, you have much more freedom: you can play as a man or a woman, get married, have children, take jobs complete quests and live a life of their own design – each leading to different destinies. The kingdom is much improved, it is larger, the graphics are better, for the right price (the price will often be dependent on your actions) all the buildings in Albion can be bought and there are limitless choices and consequences.

With improved combat, in Fable 2 you players are able to master the ability to fight with magic, hand weapons anything from a cleaver to a sword and ranged weapons such as crossbows or pistols. Many more weapons are available in Fable 2 due to advances in technology in Albion since the original Fable.

Xbox live is integrated into the game for the first time in the Fable series, you can play co-op with a friend whether they be on your couch or in another continent, the introduction of orbs allows you to interact (trade, talk to, fight with etc…) with other players.

Fable 2 also features your dog, who will love you unconditionally throughout the game thus allowing emotion filled journeys. The dog also serves to sniff out treasures and warn you of hidden enemies.

The storyline is yet again well thought out and designed. Albion is under threat from Lucien, you play as the fourth Hero of Albion and your job is to find and unite the other 3 Heroes of Albion and defeat Lucien, saving Albion from an evil rule. You will have primary quests throughout the game (like find the Hero of Skill), to complete these quests you will have to fight large numbers of enemies, travel through Albion and often be forced to complete side quests to earn renown (fame) so that you can proceed with your primary quest and defeat Lucien in a final showdown. The storyline varies from player to player due to their actions and the consequences of them. The main storyline took me roughly 13 hours to complete, but don’t worry you could play this game for years and not run out of things to do your Hero’s life is in your hands.

All in all we think Fable 2 is an outstanding game, it’s original, the gameplay is great, graphics are incredible, the storyline is original and entertaining. If you liked Fable you are going to love Fable 2, in fact I think anyone (gamer or non-gamer) will like Fable 2. My younger brother described it as “the best game ever”. But I guess this is what we should expect from a game designed by Peter Molyneux, a man knighted by both England and France and a game which continues the Fable legacy and is a sequel to original Fable which was a worldwide hit, selling over 3 million copies.

My congratulations on an exceptional game go out to Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios and the guys at Microsoft.

We give it 9.2

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