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Dragon Flight – [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Jump on the dragon and fly to the dangerous sky in the fantasy theme. Dragon Flight is the simplest shooting game on this planet but contains of all excitements! Firing a magic bullets to defeat all enemies in your way, catching some powerful item such as dual caster or the super boots potion and let see how far you can go!

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Dragon Flight from NextFloor is the fantasy shooting game which you will understand every single thing of the game in just 5 seconds! Let’s forget about all complicated games you ever played since what you need to do is only swipe left or right! It is like a top-scroll running game, the distance acts as the game score, let’s fly as far as you can go.

As mentioned that Dragon Flight is the simplest shooting game on earth , you can swipe left or right to move your character, the pricess on the dragon will cast the magic ammo for you automatically. What you need to do now is to fly as far as you can, there will be the obstacles along the way, such as a fat dragons who fly down to block you in a row, you must beat them to pass through, the toughness of the fat dragon is indicated by its color (White < Yellow < Pink < Green < ? ). One other obstacles that could tear down your dream of reaching far is the metoer, it will shows as the “!” sign before it falls to you, dodge it fast!

If you are lucky, you will find a special loot after beating some dragons. For example, gold coin and gems which is the cash for this game, the holy potion which makes your character boosts through all obstacles and the dual shoot which the warrior will doubled her magic casting and one last thing the cannon breath, similar to another shooting game you will have the death blow attack to destroy enemies in a row, swipe up to use it! These items are very important for you to survive, try to kill many dragons in a row to increase a chance to obtain these looots.

Dragon Flight also offers the shop where you can upgrade your dragon, its time to spend the collected gold coin. You can spend your gold to empower the magic bullet (the bullet looks more powerful for each upgrade as well), adding the holy boost and cannon breath to the dragon.

In conclusion, Dragon Flight is the simplest shooting game which you must have especially for this free period. It represent in a very gorgeous 2D graphic, the change of the stage background will make a player feels like playing in a new stage even the set of enemies still remain the same, with a very simple game design the player can catch up what’s going on in the game with no confusion since the game provides all the things which are needed for the shooting game, if you are planning to kill some time, Dragon Flight is the top priority. However, for the hard core gamer who expects to see some complex enemy movements, epic weapon upgrades, facing bosses or multiplayer against another player, you could wait until some updated patch to be arrived, grasp it! and stay tune.

I would like to rate this game as 4/5 STARS (KAWAII! OWN IT!)

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