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10 Disappointing Things about the iPad

The flurry of articles that surfaced about the iPad  over night amazed me. Everyone is somehow rushing to predict what the device’s impact will be when it truly hits the market. A particular focus seems to be, what the iPad will do to Amazon Kindle . Of course I’m just as curious to know if Apple will manage to revolutionize the way we consume media with yet another device. But at the moment I’m still thinking about the first impression I had yesterday when I saw the iPad for the first time. I know that when you anticipate the arrival of something and build up great expectations, you’re mostly disappointed in the end. But even after seeing the great video on iPad’s official site and chatting about some of the great features with a very enthusiastic colleague of mine (who is a huge Apple fan btw ), I couldn’t help it – I didn’t feel as if the device knocked me off my socks. While thinking about the reasons, it was quite simple to come up with these 10 points:

1. The iPad is no computer

No matter how badly Steve Jobs tried to make people believe that the iPad will be a real computer – it simply is not. He spoke about a device between a smartphone and a laptop; but a netbook – to me – is a true replacement for a computer. A fully functional “mini-laptop”. But instead, the iPad needs to be synced and doesn’t allow for multi-tasking. This is the single most important reason why I might actually decide against an iPad.
As simple as this sounds, one of the biggest disappointments was the revelation of a giant iPhone. Don’t even start arguing “but, but… if the iPhone design works?!?!”. It doesn’t matter

3. Not enough advantages compared to an iPhone

One of the first apps I downloaded for my iPhone back then was Stanza, simply because I love reading eBooks. That’s why iBooks is no groundbreaking new app or functionality to me. Of course, it will be great to purchase big titles directly but honestly, beside maybe the photo app I haven’t seen anything groundbreaking or innovative compared to the iPhone that would have struck me as a distinctive feature. iPhone owners will definitely think twice before purchasing the iPad.

4. (USB) Sync required for file management

If there is one thing I hate about my iPhone, then it’s syncing. Getting a cable to sync is even worse. Just the fact that the device depends on a PC or a Mac and that I can’t just drag and drop files to manage them is incredibly frustrating. See point #1.

5. No Multi Tasking

Another missing feature that takes away the true netbook feeling is that one won’t be able to open several programs at once. On the iPhone that doesn’t bother me at all (because it would be way too slow otherwise) but on a device which is supposed to act as a netbook, it does. Simple things like cropping an image while having your browser open to then use the pic inside a blog post wont be possible. Major turn-off.

6. No Flash-Support

Wasn’t flash support “almost” there a few months ago already? And now a whole new product is released without it? Ok, we get it, Apple doesn’t like Flash. We do though

7. Missing camera

This particular point doesn’t bother me too much, especially if you only think in terms of shooting pictures []. But a cam would have been really awesome for video-chats indeed. In retrospect I do think that this might be a deal-breaker for some.

8. No USB port

You’ll need a separate USB adapter for anything you’ll want to plug to the iPad like an external USB keyboard you already own.

9. No Full GPS

There will be no real GPS support, especially for the WiFi only devices. The 3G enabled ones will be somewhat more accurate but still, location based apps will not be able to be used as well as on an iPhone.

10. Differs from traditional Widescreen size

4:3 instead of 16:9. Not a biggie but it is disappointing if you think about the iPads main purpose – media consumption.
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