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What Is A Blue Tooth?

“Blue tooth” is a word which is currently in popular use. It is a modern technology which is commercially available. Almost all the new generation cell phones have blue tooth. What is a Blue Tooth? What is the technology behind that? Have you ever made an attempt towards this? As everybody knows, it is used for the wireless transfer of data comprising pictures, sound clips or video clips. As mentioned, it is wireless transfer completely devoid of cables. But it is functional only in a short distance. You cannot exchange data from long distances, normally not beyond 10 meters. It is based on short wave length radio waves. It transfers data as radio signals, with the help of carriers.

It also uses a specific sequence which will be known to both the transmitter and receiver. It is resistant to narrowband interference and so, cannot jam the process deliberately. This property helps it in the military usages. It cannot be jammed easily, unless the other party knows its characteristics. Another important factor which makes it popular is that it is not expensive. Most of the new models of cell phones and PCs are equipped with this technology. It helps in easy transfer of data from one device to another. It offers a speed of 3 Mega bytes per second (Mbps) against the older version with 1 mega byte per second (Mbps).

Blue tooth make use of radio waves of low power and communicates with a frequency of 2.45 GHz. You can transfer data up to eight different devices at the same time. But no two devices are connected with the same frequency at the same time. The frequencies change continuously. The Personal Area Network established between the main unit and the peripheral unit which helps to avoid the interference of other PAN in the area. Once the blue tooth is turned on, it seeks response from another unit with that particular range of radio waves and thus a network is established. This is followed by the transmission of the selected items to the other devise.

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