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VholdR ContourHD Wearable Camcorder- A good video quality camcorder that is very compatible to use.

Thumbs Up:

High definition video

Camera can work without viewfinder when mounted

Operation very simple and by using a single hand

2 GB micro SD card and rechargeable battery make this one of the most convenient cameras to use.

Thumbs Down:

Not waterproof unit

Performance in dim light not at all good

Inside the Trunk: Effective Sensor Resolution – 5 megapixel Optical Sensor Type – CMOS Digital Video Format – H.264, AAC Camera Flash – Built- In Flash Memory – 2 GB Lens Type- AutoFocus Focus Adjustment – Automatic, Manual

The Whiz Kid Speaks: This is a tube-like helmet camera that you use for recording any eventual happenings. The design of this camcorder is good but the feature set is just not all that vast. Like its contemporaries this camcorder does not support still photography or a viewfinder. This is a minus which its competitors can taker advantage of. The features may be limited but the performance is too good. You won’t come across many helmet cameras recording at 720 p high definition.

The Contour HD dimensioned at 3.75 “X 1.34 “X 2 “ and weighing 4.3 ounces is a conveniently sized and dimensioned for you to wear on your head. A bulkier camera would have burdened the head. The operation of the different components of this camera is very convenient. The lens, the LCD viewfinder and recording slider are very conveniently operated.

A rubber cap covers the battery and memory status lights and the power buttons. The battery is rechargeable. The battery life is just three hours and it gets recharged in four hours once it is exhausted. You can easily connect it to a PC or MAC using the USB and charge the battery.

If anything is worth mentioning about the ContourHD wearable camcorder it is its superior recording feature. Unlike GoPro its competitor it does not have a still photography mode. I wish VHoldR attaches this feature soon to the ContourHD because still photography is a much desired feature along with a camcorder. Customers generally want to double up their utilities to save up on their expenses. It is natural for one to shoot still photographs during intervals while shooting video cameras.

You can record in a couple of modes- the HD and the SD modes. You can record a video of 1 hour movie time at one go while you shoot in HD. When you shoot in SD you can record up to a maximum of 2GB MicroSD. The mounting rails, Trails (as called by the company) of ContourHD are pretty versatile.

The performance of the ContourHD is really good when the light is in abundance, but when the light is low you don’t expect this helmet camcorder to perform all that well. But I think, given the purpose of recording of extreme activities perfect performance in insufficient lighting conditions is highly desirable. In bright light the colors and detailing were very good. The quality of the image was too good in high contrast areas.

The ContourHD is a wee bit sluggish when it comes to adjusting to different light intensities. If you move from an area that is very illuminated to a dark area, the ContourHD will take some time to determine the correct exposure to click a perfect snap. The Contour HD is primarily meant for shooting in bright sunlight in the outdoor environment, so that’s why its delayed exposure on shifting into an insufficiently lit room is not something that should be taken as a drawback. But even then, as mentioned earlier, I still feel that a camcorder to be considered truly complete it should be designed to shoot well in all types of lighting or at least a good range of bright and dim lighting.

The manufacturing company, VHoldR offers Easy Edit software that you can download when you connect your new camcorder for the first time to a computer without any additional charges. Video sharing, setting video starting and ending points and editing the movie files that you have shot is all possible with the Easy Edit software.

The Contour HD is one of the easiest helmet camcorders to handle. The limited features eliminate unnecessary complicated features and complicated handling. This also eliminates the presence of small LCD displays that are no good to the camcorder. Usually when there are a lot of features loaded into the camcorder, you’ll find that the LCD screen size is reduced to accommodate all those features. The camcorder is so user friendly that you’ll not have to refer to the instructions and setup manual at all. Also you’ll make fewer mistakes in adjusting the settings which will increase your probability of taking good pictures.

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