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The Effect of Your Articles on Traffic to Your Blog

Chris wrote a term paper on an interesting topic, “The Effect of buildings on People.” In it he specified three types of buildings; (1) The building that is silent, (2) The building that speaks, and (3) The building that sings. Buildings and online articles are both creation of humans, they also share similarities in the way they influence their environments.

The building that is silent is defined as a nondescript house. There’s nothing remarkable about the building. It’s the type of house that you’ll find difficult to remember, because it lacks any distinction. Ever being to a house before, and on your second or third visit you found you had a difficult time locating it? A house that is silent could also get passed unnoticed because all the houses on the street are the same.

The building that speaks is a house that has something distinctive about it. This distinction might be in the colour of the building, the colour of the gate or a tree in its front. This house could have the same structure as a house that is silent, but it possesses something distinguishing it. To properly describe this house to someone new in the environment, you have to mention its distinctive feature and it becomes easier to locate it.

The building that sings is a house that is used to describe a street or neighbourhood. This house is so unique that it brings pride to the environment where it is constructed. A house that sings is one-of-a-kind in its design, structure and appearance. All a stranger has to do is mention the building to the cab driver, and he’s sure to get to his destination. This type of house always leaves a lasting impression in the mind.


Using the same analogy, you can determine the category your article falls into: (1) The Article that is silent, (2) The Article that speaks, or (3) The Article that sings.

1. The Article that is silent. Unfortunately most online articles and blog posts fall into this category. A silent article becomes more familiar as you read on. This kind is written by someone with nothing new to say; the writer copies the contents, replaces some of the words with similar terms, changes the title and posts it online. This type of article requires no research, no creativity and adds little or no value to its readers.

2. The Article that speaks. This type of article uses very attractive phrases to catch people’s attention, its purpose is to sell something to you. Internet marketers write this type of articles that promise you so much. On the internet, the article that speaks is structured with search engines in mind. The distinctive features of these articles are the titles, some come embedded with nice pictures and videos, are physically attractive, use of persuasion to sell to the readers. Some of these articles reveal quite a bit of research work, and the languages are finely crafted by professionals, but the contents do not have lasting value.

3. The Article that sings. This type of article makes a first impression with lasting impact on the reader. It distinguishes itself from the rest by its rich, unique and well researched contents. An article that sings is a product of hard work, excellence and originality. Its distinctive features are not only in the title or attractiveness, but in the structure and richness of the information communicated to the reader. It is truly a work of art.

The chicken and the egg, which came first? So it is with good articles and high traffic, which comes first? The answer to that question depends on who you ask, it’s however noteworthy to understand the relationship between the two of them. And for this purpose we’ll look at how the three types of articles influence traffic.

With great search engine optimization, plenty of backlinks and search engine marketing, a blog will attract visitors. But if its contents are filled with articles that are silent, the visitors may never return. To sustain traffic for a site like this, money would be spent on search engine marking and advertising on other websites. The only way to ensure your visitors remain is by improving the contents’ quality.

Search engine optimization and traffic building are familiar terrains of internet marketers, so also are articles that speak. Their contents are crafted specifically for selling products. Visitors to this blogs fall into two categories; those that buy and those that don’t. Many of the visitors don’t return, those that do, come back for information they need or to check for any updates. Not all internet marketing sites contain articles that speak, some also contain good quality stuffs. To maintain traffic, SEO and SEM activities have to be sustained.

Good search engine optimization, search engine marketing and plenty of backlinks guarantee many visitors. Added with well structured and unique contents, you get good ranking on google PageRank. Original and well researched contents will make your visitors spend more time on your blog. Some will bookmark your pages, some will link to your blog and some others will tell others about your blog. Consistency of your write-ups will increase your readership base and the number of referrals to your blog. Consistent commitment to excellence will stand your blog out for good quality. Articles that sing makes visitors feel at home, and turn them into guests.

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