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Stay Organized with the Free Online Office Productivity Suite

The Internet is bringing change to every facet of our lives, as well as radically changing the ways in which we interact personally and in our business dealings. Far from being negative, there are huge advantages available to us in managing our daily business. The great thing is that many of them are absolutely free!
Just go to the sites profiled here, in the order presented, sign up for their services, and you’ll have an efficient office communication and management system in no time. And, you won’t spend any money. It doesn’t get much better than that.
First, get a Gmail account at It’s free and easy to set up in only a few minutes. Using Google’s advantages, generous storage space and Gmail’s features, you can get better organized in the handling of email. This Gmail account will become the first and basic piece of our free online office management solution.
Once you have your Gmail account, set up your Google Calendar under the same login. Just click the Calendar link in the upper left corner of Gmail’s screen. Why use this calendar? Gmail has this neat little ability to recognize text in an email that indicates a meeting, event or appointment. An example would be receiving an email that tells you there will be an office sales meeting next Thursday at 2:00 PM. Gmail recognizes that this could be an important event, and asks if you’d like to place it in your calendar. One or two clicks later, and it’s there!
Another reason for using Google Calendar is our next featured free time management tool. It is Silly name, but a great free internet service for task management. This site keeps up with your tasks, as opposed to appointments. Once a task is in RTM, it can be displayed in your Google Calendar by selecting RTM as one of your calendars.
It gets better though. RTM allows you to email in your tasks as well as entering them into the site. You can even email in a whole list of tasks at once, and RTM will place them in your task list appropriately. They’ll then be accessible on that site or through your Google Calendar. One more feature is even nicer. There is an applet that will allow the display of your RTM tasks right along side your Gmail in the Inbox. Now all is together for optimal organization.
Now we get to the really awesome tool at It’s free also. Jott allows you to call in and dictate from your cell phone, and Jott converts your voice to text. What does this do for you? First, remind yourself to do things on the fly. You’ll get an email and/or a text message to keep you on tract. Enter someone else in your Jott account as a contact, and you can Jott them a text or email with your voice as well.
That’s all great, but the Jott links bring it all together. You can call Jott, tell it you want to Jott your Google Calendar, leave an event name, time and date, and it will magically appear in your calendar in no time. There’s more. Jott also links to RTM, so you can enter tasks and reminders the same way!
As you can see, there’s just no excuse anymore for not keeping up with appointments, tasks and important communications. Just set up the free services above, and begin to enjoy an organized life, and all for free!

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