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How I Built an Online Business Overnight

After more than 20 years in the construction industry, I became weary, haunted by the thoughts of what my will hold, or in my case, not hold. The pay in the construction was always really good. Even in my first year as a laborer, I brought home $500 per week. While that’s not much to some,it’s two paychecks for others. Either way, It was enough to keep me coming back day after day.
As time went on, I became more useful to the crew because of my increased level of experience. With that came raises, and eventually the position of crew foreman. Things were great. Until I began talking with friends and family and I began to realize that even though i was making great money, The construction industry wasn’t really set up for any kind of retirement benefits.
Sure, some companies offer a 401k plan, but not many of them do. I mentioned in a previous Article how I actually had one at one time, and the owner of the company stole the money from the accounts resulting in total loss of the funds I invested. I also have family members in the union that have a great retirement package. That is the case with some companies, but not many of the smaller construction companies that are building houses around your town have these benefits.
After running in the rat race for years, I actually started my own construction company. At first, this seemed to be the answers to the question of “what will I do when I’m too old to keep swinging a hammer”? I quickly realized this is very much the same thing, only now I have more control of what i’m doing day to day, but not really solid plans for my retirement.
I began to study online as much as I could at night. After all of my research, looking at complex online businesses, I found that eBay, was one of the easiest ways to set up an online store, and start making money. An eBay account is easy to set up and easy to use. I set up my account and was ready to start selling in less than an hour.
The best part of this was that I was able to start with random things I had sitting around the house. I was surprised to learn that not only do things sell online, they sell pretty fast, and for top dollar. I actually started making enough money to allow me to give up construction completely. Even more important, I have now found something I will be able to do well beyond the age of 65, weather I continue to do it myself, or hire someone to do it for me.
This has freed up most of my time, and allows more time to do what I want to do. Some may choose to play more, at 39 I have chosen to use my free time to study more, and for once begin to put away some of the money I am making for my retirement, while I am learning about, and starting new online business ventures.
Although I do not recommend you to just quit your job, I do recommend you try to start selling on eBay and if you look through the site, and pay attention to what is selling, you can also sell and make decent profits while taking control of your own future.
This is just one idea as part of a series I will discuss more about in the future. These are proven methods I have, and continue to use to make money with today. There is many ways to make money online, however, this one is a true money maker for all!

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