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Beginners Guide To Getting Blog Traffic

These days, every business wants to have a blog. Blogs are excellent ways to keep
your customers informed and to consistently bring new, targeted traffic to your website
or online store. Search engines love blogs because they deliver fresh content on a regular
basis, and there’s nothing that Google loves more than unique content. The problem then
is how to bring the traffic to the blog in the first place. If you’re just getting started with
blogs, or are only now taking an interest in how to actively increase your blog traffic, here
are a few helpful tips to get you going.

First of all, the easiest way to get more blog traffic is to publish more. It’s a known fact
in the blogging community that the more content your blog has, the more people will want
to view it. This is a long term strategy, but it’s actually one of the most solid traffic building
techniques there is. Imagine you’re a viewer that is on your blog. If the blog never updates,
you have absolutely no reason to come back. If, on the other hand, the blog makes weekly
or twice weekly posts, even daily posts, you’ll have more incentive to check back regularly
to get new information. Not only that, you would probably be more inclined to bookmark the
blog and share it with your friends, thereby bringing it even more traffic.

Another excellent method for beginners to boost their blog traffic is to use some simple
SEO in their blog posts. Basically, think of a keyword that people may be likely to search
for, and use that keyword several times in your blog post. Then, when Google indexes your
post it will show up in the search engine results for anyone who searches for the phrase.
There are dozens of other ways to use SEO to boost blog traffic, but this is an easy enough
technique for a beginner who doesn’t have a lot of SEO knowledge. As you study and figure
out more strategies you’ll find that on-site keyword placement is just the tip of the iceberg,
but for the time being it should provide a nice traffic boost for your blog.

Finally, social networking should be playing a huge role in your traffic building strategies.
If you don’t have a Facebook page for your blog, now’s the best time to set one up. It only
takes a few minutes, and most blogs allow you to automatically post updates to your
Facebook fan page whenever a new post goes up. Be sure to place a widget on the blog
itself that allows people to like the fan page without leaving the blog. Other outlets that are
suitable for bringing in increased blog traffic include LinkedIn, Myspace, and Twitter.

By following these simple beginner methods for getting blog traffic you should see a
significant boost in traffic in just a few days, sometimes less. The most important factor
is consistent, fresh content, so always post regularly if you want to maximize your traffic

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