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Before apply Google AdSense you must complete some requirement

Yesterday I created a blog post and publish it on my blog about how much ways available for make money online? If you like to see my previous article? You can click that below link.

Our today’s lesson is, if you like to make money from AdSense? You must need to know that full information. If you don’t know that requirement? You apply many time and getting disapproved message. In this world many people like to make money from Google AdSense. But unfortunately some people get success with hard work and many people failed because of some mistake. So, this is a post who really like to make money from Google AdSense.

First of all, if you don’t know what is Google AdSense?  I can simply tell you this is a publisher website. They give you there advertise banner and you need to put in your good blogging site. If people click that advertise? You get money from Google AdSense. I just tell you some basic information. If you need to know full instruction? You can visit there official site. Here is the link:

So, don’t waste your time with mistakes. Use some times for read that article for getting total knowledge about Goggle AdSense. Here we start for getting Good Blogging.

Let’s know:

* Adding Meta Tag in your website.
* Publish minimum post length.
* Improve your site visitors.
* Put Google widgets in your blog.
* Know what Page requirement.
* Need top high level domain.
* Don’t publish invalid article.
* Add Google webmaster tools.
* Submit sitemaps on webmaster.
* Know quality guidelines.
* Put DMCA badges for protection.
* Don’t try to add chat boxes in your website.
* Never update duplicate posts in your website.
* Need minimum article.
* Website / Blogs age.

So, above all things we must need to complete before applying Google AdSense for quickly approve. If you can do it quickly? It will help for building quick good blogging site. So, let’s learn about that step by step.

Adding Meta Tag in your website: Meta tag is the best important factor for website like keywords. If you are not using Meta tag in your website. Google never count you on search engines. If you need to know how to put Meta tag in your website? You can see it here (my blogging store). Click the below link.

Publish minimum post length: When you create article for your website. You need to create at least 400-500 words article. It’s also need to high quality and unique content. Because CONTENT IS KING. If you create good quality article. Google like your website all time.

Improve your site visitors: Before you apply AdSense account you must need at least 500 visitors daily. Then Google will approve your website. Otherwise you can see disapprove email from Google AdSense. You must need 60% organic traffic and 40% inorganic traffic. You know what is organic or inorganic? If not? See below.

Organic Traffic: Visitors come your website from search engines. Like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Its Organic visitors.

Inorganic traffic: Visitors come your website from social media sites. Like, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc. That’s Inorganic visitors.

Put Google widgets in your blog: Google widgets mean some Google+ follower gadget, badges and etc. You need to create an account on Google plus. And put some widget in your website. Then Google love your website too much. It’s easy to adding Google widget in your website.

Know what Page requirement: You need to create some page in your website and show it on your menu bar. Let’s see the list of pages.

Contact us


Privacy policy

In my future article, I will show you how to create that page for your website.

Need top high level domain: Top level domain mean .COM domain. If you get .COM domain? It will helpful for visitors and Google will also love your site.

Don’t publish invalid article: Don’t create any article that not match with your website. Just choose one niche and create article with that topic. Otherwise its will harmful for getting disapprove Google AdSense account.

Add Google webmaster tools: You must need to add your site on Google webmaster tools. I will teach you how to add your site on webmaster tools in my next lesson.

Submit sitemap: On my Google webmaster tools article, I will teach you also how to submit sitemap easily. You just need to wait some time.

Know quality guidelines: You must need to complete webmaster guideline before Appling AdSense account. Because that’s the most important factor who miss that topic.

Put DMCA badges for protection: DMCA is the site that can help for secure your website. I will also teach you how to get DMCA badges for your website.

Don’t try to add chat boxes in your website: If you add any chat box widget for your website? Google AdSense will think you try to tell your friends for clicking your ads. So, it’s totally harmful for your website. Don’t add any chat box in your website.

Never update duplicate posts in your website: Don’t try to create duplicate post for your website. If you do that? Google will disapprove your application with close their eyes.

Need minimum article: You must need to publish at least 50-70 article for your website. That’s the requirement for your website before applying AdSense account.

Website / Blogs age: Some people told your website need at least 6 month old before applying AdSense account. But, it’s not requirement. If your website high quality article. You will get easily AdSense account within 6 month.

That’s the above all requirement you see. Hope you will do it easily when you see the complete guide. If you need any kinds of information about above topic? Please reply us and contact with me. I will prepare for answer your question.

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