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After Google-Motorola Deal, What Does Apple Do?

In the world of patent wars that is going on which looks like it is not slowing down at all, the question of what Apple is going to do now that Google has purchased Motorola Mobility with the resulting impact on the technology world, especially mobile. With the recent purchase of Motorola, which still has to go through legal challenges and approvals in multiple countries, Google should be getting enough patents (17,000) from Motorola Mobility to help them in fending off all the Android lawsuits that are going on around the world. There are enough 3G and 4G patents from this deal where Google is going to come out stronger than they already are in the mobile markets.

So, where does this leave Apple? Google is going to become a much strong mobile company and with that increase the competition between Google and Apple. The Android phone market has been taking market share from Apple for years which Apple has recently chosen to curtail by filing lawsuits against a number of companies. The Google Motorola deal changes all of that for Apple.

Google has primarily been a software company. though they did produce the Nexus mobile phone that did not work out very well. With the Motorola deal, they are now in the mobile business in a big way with some very popular mobile phones, especially the Droid. Apple now has a software and hardware competitor to their iPhone which is going to make it harder to stay ahead of all the other companies. The only thing that Apple has on their side is their higher quality software and hardware which they have produced and they must continue that trend to stay ahead of the competition.

The patents are looking to be the new fighting ground for companies and with that, Apple must find more patents to defend the company against the competition. Patents have turned into the method being used to fight off your competitors in the courts. Just look at the Samsung actions that Apple is taking. While using the courts to battle your competitors is not the way that businesses should be doing this, it has become part of the way that companies operate today.

Apple does not have too many choices now that Google and Motorola have joined together. They need to now start looking at other companies which they can purchase who have patents that they have a need for to protect their market and company. There are a few out there which they could purchase given their financial situations.

Both RIM and Nokia are experiencing declining revenue and sales, which has caused some to question the futures of those companies. Either company being purchased would end that company as Apple has no need to continue making their mobile phones. Purchasing Nokia and ending the production of phones would thwart the efforts of Microsoft to roll out their Windows Phone 7. Apple would gain a large number of patents to the long list that they already have. RIM would also give them a large number of patents as well.

Patent lawsuits, which continue to grow, are changing the way that companies operate and the efforts to gather up as many patents into a company’s war chest is not going to slow down. Apple need to make their next move.

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